How To Make Money As A Teen (FAST)

Do you question how to make money without being able to get a job?

Well, if so, you are in the right place!


This article teaches YOU how EASY it is to make money as a YOUNG teen. So Let’s GOūüôā

   Here are some tips to get started:

  • BUY and SELL items on Ebay and LetGo.

    Buy items from the Dollar Store and RESELL them on eBay
    • This is a useful way to boost your self-confidence as an ENTREPRENEUR and your bank account as well.


    • Many young teens are struggling to pay off their car insurance and minor expenses.


    • It is vital to start making money at a young age and understand the importance of saving¬†and investing your extra cash.


    USE LetGo to get things CHEAP


    • LetGo is a fantastic way to buy things without shipping fees.¬†


    • You can find what you need fast, local, and receive the items quickly without worrying about damages to the item!


    • LetGo is a great way to develop connections with others in your area and to possibly do business with them on other occasions. (KEY TIP)


    If you use this strategy, make sure to try everything to see what works and what does not.
    Since you are reading this part you are probably a young person and you have TIME on your hands to experiment with different items!!

     INVESTING in the Stock Market can yield high, positive, safe returns as a grounded investor.

    • Many are overwhelmed by the complex facets of what this platform has to offer and the risks involved with trading.


    • ¬†Investing your money is simple and easy to master once YOU become comfortable with “risking” your own money.


    • Plus, the stock market is PASSIVE INCOME, which means you do NOT have to look at the market once you put your money in. This, in my opinion, is the BEST way to start making PASSIVE INCOME.
  • Find A JOB

    Finding a job is a daunting task that many either cannot do or do not want to do. Everybody has to start somewhere. So getting a job might not be the worst option if applicable to your situation.

    • I recommend finding a job ASAP and saving and investing your money ASAP because money is won and lost at these early, crucial moments of every young teens’ life.


    • ACTIVE INCOME might not be the best way to make money (long-term) compared to entrepreneurship, however, it is a start to get capital quickly.¬†



    Entrepreneurship–¬†the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.


  • Being an entrepreneur is a trend that society¬†currently aspires to be, however, the majority of people are struggling to decide if they are willing to take the leap of starting their own business or not.
  • In many entrepreneur’s opinions, becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task and working hours and hours a day; dreaming, creating, doing what they love are the perks of being what they are.
  • With my journey thus far, I have enjoyed 100% of the YouTube videos I have created and the amount of Pinterest posts I have created trying to draw people to my other social media outlets.
  • What I am starting to realize is that the successes are not what a true entrepreneur looks forward to, it is the days of grinding and the journey to becoming successful is what entrepreneurship is all about! So if you enjoyed reading this article please follow me on Instagram @benjaminclevy and subscribe to me on YouTube for personal finance content at Benjamin Levy. I will see you guys next time!

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